connect the world crew

Bart Mol

Founder & Host Satoshi Radio

My most amazing gadget? That was a floating plant…Really! And my favorite book is actually a trilogy: Three Body Problem by Chinese author Liu Cixin. It's about life and death on a planetary scale. Very big questions are raised and answered in it. For example: Can civilizations coexist peacefully in this vast universe? I have been active in Bitcoin since 2017. My passion is Podcasting and creating video content! And I also have a preference for anything that has a plug and a WiFi signal. I want to end by saying that the Satoshi Radio Family makes me very proud!

joni kyasshu

mascotte & lightning leader

Has a better OpSec than Satoshi Nakamoto. Nobody ever saw or heard him.

Edward Hollander

Host Connect the World

The price of Bitcoin in 2030? I don't care much about that. I mainly deal with all technical, philosophical and social aspects of Bitcoin and Lightning! I also like photography, art in all facets and history. I listen to Radiohead, Nick Drake and other indie music. Our entire SRROF and CTW community makes me proud and of course my family too! I’m a super creative person, always looking for new ideas to implement! My motto in life: Enjoy life to the fullest and do everything with passion!


Host Connect the World

I enjoy sailing off the coast of Spain, drinking wine in Italy, skiing in Austria and traveling through Asia! In addition, I have a passion for music production, football and the Formula 1! I also have a guest house for children with autism, where treatment is provided during the week and care after school. I enjoy helping people and believe that every person can make a difference in the life of another. For me, this all comes together in Bitcoin and the community we have built. We have a role in building a neutral, decentralized and unmanipulated money system with equal opportunities for all!




Djuri Baars


From a young age I was into experimenting with technical stuff, building websites at the age of six and crashing rollercoasters with Rollercoaster Tycoon. One of the latest gadgets I’d like to tinker with is the Blockstream Satellite. Amazing to be able to get my blocks through space. My favorite food is pizza, so Bitcoin Pizza Day is my favorite day of the year, although I like Döner and Sushi as well. I’m really impressed by the developments in Bitcoin and Lightning community, like the Rings of Fire we ignited. Very proud to contribute actively to it as well with RingTools and LnAddressBot.


Head International Affairs

My favorite beer? Trappist Westvleteren Abt 12 of course! Without a doubt! And I also love eating in different Michelin star restaurants! In my youth I liked to play the game Leisure Suit Larry. I can still dream of all the answers to those questions asked at the beginning of that game! The coolest gadget I've ever bought is my laptop. And my favorite book: Laptops for Dummies. Those seem like easy answers to me 😉 Finally, I of course enjoy all the developments in the Bitcoin and Lightning domain. In addition to maintaining all contacts, I also love to work with all technical aspects within the Lightning Network!

Ramon | rindingvijk

Art Director Connect the World

Remember those T-shirts with an equalizer on them that reacted to ambient music? It used to be crazy about it and I had one! Now in the world of Bitcoin and Lightning, there are great developments to follow almost every day! I especially enjoy the little things in life. Cooking, design and architecture, history and cultures are subjects I’m interested in. I can also spend hours on Google Maps looking at some strange mountain village. I’m proud of all the people around me with whom I collaborate day in, day out on the coolest things!