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Connect the World is founded by a team with a shared passion for Bitcoin and the Lightning Network! We want to advance Lightning adoption and highlight all sides of it. Not only Lightning as a payment system, but also as an underlying technology for a multitude of other options!

Every week we serve the Lightning Space with valuable content publish about developments and adoption with the largest share of Lightning out there!

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Ring of Fire


In July 2021 we created the biggest Ring of Fire to date, with 65 participating nodes and 65.000.000 sats liquidity. The project is driven by our community. Developers, designers, video editors, and team leaders all joined to make this Ring of Fire a reality.


Making sense of the lightning revolution


“Therefore, privacy in an open society requires anonymous transaction systems. Until now, cash has been the primary such system. An anonymous transaction system is not a secret transaction system. An


In this episode, we have Henrik from LNCapital to talk about node management and how it can benefit your Lightning Node operation.

As a professional node operator, efficient channel and


In July 2021, a large “Ring of Fire” was created with the help of 65 participating nodes and 65,000,000 sats liquidity. The project was driven by a community of developers,

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Connect the World - Communities

Our vision is to establish a global community of individuals who comprehend the significance of Bitcoin and the Lightning Network and want to promote it. We strongly believe that these technologies can revolutionize the way we conduct business and live our daily lives. Our goal is to make these technologies more accessible worldwide.

We encourage you to join us in our mission by starting your own Connect the World community in your country. This community can function as a center for education and support for those interested in Bitcoin and the Lightning Network. Through collaboration, we can create a worldwide impact and help shape the future of the financial industry.

As part of the Connect the World project, we also encourage organizing meetups under the name of Connect the World. These gatherings are a great way to meet individuals with similar interests and exchange ideas. We hope that these meetups will help promote education about Bitcoin and the Lightning Network.

Our world map shows the various locations of Connect the World communities. However, we want to encourage more people to participate in our mission. For this reason, we added a form on our website (next to the map) where you can register to establish a new community.

We hope that you share our enthusiasm and will join us in making a positive impact.