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Bitcoin Amsterdam | Liveblog

Day 1 of Bitcoin Conference Amsterdam - 12.10.2022

LNbits – Sats Stage – Ben Arc

BitcoinConfEUR | Introduction to LNbits

Ben introduced the visitors to the concept of LNbits and its UseCases showing off the Bitcoin Switch project as well as a combination of LNpos+HW-Wallet+Boltz-Extension.

FATF and the thread of Bitcoin privacy – Moon Area – Stephan Livera

 The panel between Stephan Livera, Kevin Murcko, Sjors Provoost, Patrick Hansen and Matt Odell discusses (and clearly favours) Lightning as a future privacy solution.


The Madeira Bitcoin Experiment – Sats Stage – André Loja

 André Loja informs about his Foundation to raise the adoption of BTC in Madeira. The panel discusses the dos and don´t resulting out of El Salvador. Contribute if you can!


Defi and RGB – Moon Arena – Maxim Orlovsky

RGB, released this year, enables Turing complete smart contracts and BiFi (DeFi on Bitcoin). It is built with a combination of RGB smart contracts, bifrost and the storm data network. RGB will enable stablecoins on lightning, amongst other things. It is emphasized that RGB operates without advertising budgets. It is as promising as Taro, but fully community built.

Day 2 of Bitcoin Conference Amsterdam - 13.10.2022

The struggle for freedom – Moon Arena – Alex Gladstein

The venezuelan Leopoldo López and Alex Gladstein talk about his experiences in Venezuela and the need rather than the option to choose for Bitcoin.

The fixed income Bitcoin Revolution – Moon Arena – Greg Foss

Greg reminds the audience that all government bonds are unsafe and will never be paid back in this lifetime.

Day 3 of Bitcoin Conference Amsterdam - 14.10.2022

Title of the panel – Name of Location – Author




Title of the panel – Name of Location – Author




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Before asking this question we would like to mention to the listeners to check also episode 2 and 4 with Soul Exporter and Czino who started the whole Rings of Fire concept before we pushed it through and it skyrocketed with our Satoshi Radio Rings of Fire community!

You are the creator of the Igniter script! The script saved a lot of work and is one of the easiest ways to perform a circular rebalance in a Ring of Fire!

This script has helped make the Rings of Fire concept possible and also ensured that novice Node Operators with little command line experience dared to try it and discover more about the inner workings of their Node!

Why did you start building the script and what does it mean to you to know that afterwards this has been so valuable to so many people in the Lightning scene?

I simply wanted to be part of a ring of fire… at the time, there was an “instruction manual”
that included many commands with redundant parameters. I just decided to simplify this,
reducing the process to a config file and a simple command to run. Made it public…
hoping it would help someone eventually. Looks like it did.


How does the igniter script works in short?

It just converts a simple config file into commands LND understands. There’s not much to
it, really.

The bio info of your node on Amboss says you’re building Lightning apps. Can you share with us what you’re building at the moment?

Mostly steer, but this app is using libraries I am also building. I sometimes use them to
build tools that may end up having different purposes… It’s a process. I have no idea
where it’s going to end up, but I am open to requests. I’d like to do my part to simplify the
life of the most routing node operators possible.

One of your goals is to bring routing nodes management more mainstream. How will you realize this ?

Starting by a mobile first web app that’s easy to use and available from anywhere using a
VPN. Command line management is not for everybody.

You are working on some mobile friendly routing node management software? Does it have a name already and can we test it ?

It’s named steer and yeah, it is available on

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