BL3P | The European Lightning-enabled bitcoin exchange

BL3P is the European Lightning-enabled bitcoin exchange of Bitonic, the oldest Bitcoin company in the Netherlands.

Bitonic is a Bitcoin only-company and has been on the forefront of Dutch
and European Bitcoin adoption since it’s inception in 2012. The company
started out of a desire to offer an easy, fast and reliable way to buy and
sell bitcoin in the Netherlands.

Lightning network at bitcoin Amsterdam

It was the most significant bitcoin event in the world, with more than 25,000 visitors. I am, of course, talking about bitcoin 2022 in Miami, a fantastic event with many exciting speakers. However, now there is a new big event, not in Miami but in Amsterdam.

Aryan Jabbari | Connect the World

This week, in Episode 35, we talk to Aryan Jabbari, technical co-founder of Scarce City, an online marketplace for Bitcoin goods and Bitcoin NFT’s.
Aryan started Scarce City together with Chris Tramount. They had help from honorary founder Chiefmonkey. He seeded the artist community and had the original idea for bitcoin-based auctions. They believe that everything needs to be sold pseudonymous, borderless, permissionless, trust minimized, and verifiable authenticity and supply.
He shares with us how they implemented Lightning and talks more about his view on Lightning developments.
Do you know what Pepes are? Well, just watch or listen to the full interview or start reading below! Enjoy!

Anthony Potdevin | Connect the World

This week, in Episode 34, we talk to Antony Potdevin, the co-founder at and the main software engineer for the open source project Thunderhub.
Thunderhub is an open-source Lightning Network LND node manager and gives users a great UI to manage their Lightning Node! is a Lightning Network Explorer which released the Magma Liquidity Marketplace in May this year.
We talk about using the Lightning Network as your online identity, about the growth of the amount of Lightning Nodes in the coming years and about future gamification options within Amboss!
To all Node Operators: get your nodes ready and watch or listen to the full interview or start reading below! Enjoy!

Lightning Updates | 22-05-16

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El Profesor | Connect the World

This week, in Episode 27, we talk to El Profesor, the founder of the Lightning Community Latinodos! This community is completely Spanish speaking! With this, El Profesor fills a void that existed for an all-Spanish Lightning community in regards to running a node.
El Profesor tells us that Spanish-speaking countries have a big challenge getting started or being actively involved in the technicalities of Bitcoin and Lightning. This is due to moderate English proficiency in these Spanish-speaking countries, with the exception of Argentina.
He also talks about the Lightning Network being a social, open and inclusive environment.

This will lead to better products and even more technical developments. Ultimately this will keep adding value and increase the adoption worldwide! Want to know more about the social power of Lightning Communities?

Lightning Updates | 22-05-09

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Jesse de Wit | Connect the World

This week, in Episode 20, we talk with Jesse de Wit, software developer and a proficient Lightning Network enthusiast!
Shivers all over his back… Jesse had his first amazing experience when paying for an article on with his own node… Then the true magic began! He also attended the Lightning seminar at Chaincode Labs for a real deep dive into the Lightning Network!
Jesse feels that the power of Lightning communities is that it’s a place where people can discover everything there is to know about the Lightning Network and get all the help you need!
Ultimately, they continue to philosophize about a time when Lightning is plug and play and composable and we won’t talk about communities anymore.
If you want to hear more about what it takes to run a routing node, which tools and metrics to use and about the future of Lightning, then watch or listen to the full interview or start reading below! Enjoy!