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Dmitry Laptev | Connect the World

Stef & Ed sat down with the man behind LN2ME but maybe more surprisingly: the man behind the Augustus Baggins meme (isn’t he?).
Dmitry runs the infamous LN2ME node and provides a great service for node operators to get dual funded channels. There’s some trust involved with this service but you can verify his reputation on all major platforms, and: we have his face on camera right now! All jokes aside, Dmitry is a real visionary and when we asked him what he would like to see developed on the LN he said:

‘The idea I am pushing recently is that we need to think more about reducing friction for the real-world transactions from mobile wallets to merchants. Unfortunately maximizing routing profits often contradicts this use case. I would like to see “liquidity as a service” nodes that would automatically manage liquidity for the actual users in a trustless way.’.

Jose Lemus | Connect the World

An ibex is any of several species of wild goat, distinguished by the male’s large recurved horns, which are transversely ridged in front. This wonderful animal is always searching for new heights. Did you choose this name for your company because bitcoin is searching for new heights too? YES!

Machankura | The Magic of the LN

Earlier this year, a unique custodial Bitcoin service allowing the storage, sending and receiving of bitcoin satoshis via the LN emerged.
And you do not need an internet connection.

Elle Mouton | Connect the World

This week, in Episode 22, we talk with Elle Mouton, an engineer at Lightning Labs from South Africa. She worked on a lot of projects, for example on Lightning Node Connect (LNC). That’s the communication logic that allows you to access your node from anywhere!
Elle really breathes Bitcoin and Lightning! While working at a crypto exchange, she kept challenging herself to learn more about Bitcoin and Lightning: She build a website to demonstrate how ​​LSATs (Lightning Service Authentication Tokens) could be used, attended the Chaincode Labs seminars, wrote some technical Lightning blog posts and started making more and more contributions to various Lightning Labs projects.
Among a lot of other things, we talk about static invoices and about Aperture, a proxy you can use to create API points for your website without KYC!
Sit tight and watch or listen to the full interview or start reading below! Enjoy!

Rusty Russell | Connect the World

This week, in Episode 18, we talk with Rusty, a Linux and Bitcoin developer and a Lightning OG from Blockstream! We owe a lot to this lead Lightning protocol developer!
Rusty started hacking C-lightning in August 2015 and wrote “Reaching The Ground with Lightning” in November that same year! He described how to do Lightning using only the coming Segwit proposal. With Blockstream they were the first Lightning implementation!
We talk about Blockstream Aqua, Jade, Blockstream Green and Blockstream AMP. And Rusty also covers all the advantages of Lightning Offers / BOLT12. Implementing BOLT12 will take some time but we already can philosophize what this will do for the adoption of Lightning and for all those merchants out there!
Are you crazy about Lightning like Rusty and us? And do you like to follow all Lightning developments as closely as possible from a lead developer? Then don’t wait any longer and treat yourself to watch or listen to the full interview or start reading below! Enjoy!