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The Daily Moon | Team

We´re a small team on a big mission. Sometimes silly, always diligent, increadibly relentless. Basically unstoppable.


Alice for everything

Shadowy Project Enhancer from the einundzwanzig community. Leaves candy wherever she goes. Likes building stuff, pirates and NFC. Sort of nocturnal.


Shadowy Supercoder

Jesse is responsible for all the lightning topics, that are too complicated for all the others. Incredible guy.


Shadowy super-BRRRer

Our rest pole. Does not know yet, that he has found his passion in coding for Lightning. Built our amazing NFC-BRRR tool.

El Professor


El Professor helps us to bring the news out to spanish speakers. Runs awesome auto-translate skripts nobody except him understands.


Shadowy Masterplanner

Nobody has ever seen or met him. He is planning things in the background that help us stay organized in our creative chaos.


Podcast host

The legend. Edward interviews all our guests on the latest lightning topics and developments. In his fiat-job he has to visit lots of parties.


Graphics wizard

Is incredibly fast in making the most awesome graphics for our news. Profound as well in electronics. And dogs. Loves commas.

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