The start of the new season

The start of the new season

The Daily Moon | 26 February 2023
We have already aired 5 episodes of our new season of Connect the World. Since the first episode featuring Ross Savage from Satimoto, we have covered a variety of subjects related to the Lightning Network. During our conversation with Ross, we discussed how to charge your car with electricity and pay for it in Bitcoin over the Lightning Network. This development is particularly useful when traveling across borders as it avoids the need to pay exchange rates on traditional fiat currency. Additionally, it helps fight the "Bitcoin is bad for the environment" narrative. This episode is a must-watch, thanks to Ross himself.

Mike Jarmus from Lightning Ventures, guest of the Connect the World podcast Episode 60 

In our second episode, we had the pleasure of hosting Carel van Wyk, who you may know from the Lightning payment solution showcased in a major South African chain store called PicknPay. Bitcoin Ekasi helped with testing and showed the world that Bitcoin and Lightning adoption are not far away. We discussed with Carel the possibilities of implementing his solution elsewhere in the world and how small merchants can benefit from it. 


We also had Mike Jarmuz from Lightning Ventures as a guest. Mike is a fantastic guy, full of positivity and a wonderful charisma. During our conversation, we covered a wide range of topics, including investments in the Lightning and Bitcoin space. The work that Lightning Ventures does is critical in showcasing investment opportunities to potential investors to kickstart new innovative Bitcoin Lightning solutions. One word: great.


Africa Free Routing is perhaps the most noble initiative on our list. Their mission is to connect African Lightning nodes with each other and make transactions between those nodes as cheap as possible to encourage Lightning adoption on the African soil. This initiative aligns perfectly with our mission to “connect the world.” In addition to their networking efforts, they educate newbies, share the Bitcoin ideology, and help Africa adopt Bitcoin at a faster pace.


Our most recent episode  (at the time of writing this blog post) featured Hakuna from Tunnel Sats. It is the perfect rabbit hole to dive into for tech-savvy individuals. Tunnel Sats is a VPN service provider that enables node owners to connect their nodes via VPN over Clearnet, resulting in a rapid increase of routing transactions. Say goodbye to TOR and start using a VPN service like Tunnel Sats for blazing-fast Lightning payments.


In summary, we have had five amazing episodes, each featuring incredible guests. We covered a range of subjects, from worldwide Bitcoin and Lightning adoption with CryptoConvert to highly technical topics like Tunnel Sats with their VPN service. We talked about investments, Lightning payments, routing, and driving on Sats. We will continue to cover the Lightning Network and all the unique and innovative projects out there. It’s amazing how much energy is present in this space. It’s never boring, and there is always a new solution gaining traction. If you want to stay up to date on all the developments, news, and updates, follow The Daily Moon on Twitter and Telegram. If you want to dive deeper into a specific subject, project, or initiative, tune into our weekly show, the Connect the World podcast. And if all of these things are still not enough to satisfy your hunger for Lightning and Bitcoin content, become a member of our Telegram groups.

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