Highlight your Project Company Initiative

  • Connect with a Lightning-oriented audience
  • Reach up to 1500 unique viewers
  • Showcase your project at the beginning of the show on YouTube and all podcast platforms
  • Receive 5 minutes of undivided attention + a tweet and Telegram message later in the week
  • Support the Lightning Network and promote its adoption
  • All for just 250,000 satoshis

We will establish communication via email in order to refine the highlights and finalize the payment arrangements.

What exactly does
a ''Highlight of the week'' entail?

As part of the weekly "Connect the World" lightning podcast, we feature a segment called "Highlight," where we showcase a noteworthy company, initiative, or project. This involves discussing the selected topic, project, company, or initiative for a few minutes at the beginning of the show.

Determining the exact reach of an individual highlight is challenging, but typically it reaches between 1000 and 1500 lightning-oriented enthusiasts. Since "Connect the World" is active on various platforms, the audience reached is diverse.

If you're acquainted with the "Connect the World" podcast, you already have an idea of what to anticipate. Each episode commences with the well-known 10 Yes/No questions posed to our guest. Following the ten questions, the show's hosts, Edward and Stef, introduces the "Highlight of the Week," where your company, initiative, or project is showcased in an engaging and enthusiastic manner. The guest participates in the discussion, and a conversation about the highlight follows. The show continues after this segment.

Furthermore, you'll receive a tweet and a Telegram message that we distribute on our platforms. These will be posted during the week following the episode.

A Highlight only costs 250000 satoshis.

A Highlight is an excellent means of highlighting your project, company, or initiative. Besides drawing attention, it's also a way of supporting us and enabling us to share all Lightning-related developments with our audience. The modest investment could potentially lead to greater adoption and hyperbitcoinization in the future.

A visualization of the highlight visible on youtube

”This week’s highlight goes to @TunnelSats

! Say goodbye to slow transactions. their scripts enable hybrid mode for #lightning nodes and paid VPN servers for secure connections. Try Tunnel⚡️Sats now and experience lightning-fast transactions!”