LNcapital, node management for professionals | Henrik Skogstrøm

In this episode, we have Henrik from LNCapital to talk about node management and how it can benefit your Lightning Node operation.

As a professional node operator, efficient channel and liquidity management is crucial. That’s where LNCapital’s Torq comes in. Torq is a professional tool that helps you track, analyze and automate node management for a stable and reliable Lightning node.

With Torq’s advanced time-series analytics, you can make informed decisions and allocate liquidity correctly to maximize profit potential. No more manual channel management as Torq can automate advanced workflows, adjust channel fees and rebalance while you sleep.

Torq is industrial-grade and designed for nodes with hundreds of channels. It prepares your data to load lightning-fast, and you can analyze every Satoshi instantly. If you’re serious about Lightning node operation, Torq is the tool you need.

Stay ahead and look behind with Torq. Tune in to the “Connect the World” podcast