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Updates | 22-05-09

Hey there, Lightning friends!

What a lot of updates again this week! That’s only a good sign! We want to emphasize the disk space solution Kloek mentioned! Oh and read the LN gossip rate-limiting update! The mini sketch method which Alex Mysers researched is a very smart solution to reduce the bandwidth used by nodes.

Don’t let us hold you up any longer! Enjoy!


  • LN gossip rate limiting
    Alex Mysers posted to the Lightning-Dev mailing list about his research to reduce the amount of bandwidth used by nodes for learning about updates to the LN channel graph. His method assumes all peers have almost all of the same information about almost all of the same public channels.

    A quote from Alex: “This builds on some earlier work from Rusty using the minisketch library. The idea is that each node will build a sketch representing its own gossip set. Alice’s node will encode and transmit this sketch to Bob’s node, where it will be merged with his own sketch, and the differences produced.
    One peer can then generate a minisketch from its complete graph of the public network and send that to all of its peers, who can use the minisketch to find any updates to the network since its last reconciliation.”

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