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Lightning network at bitcoin Amsterdam

It was so far the most significant bitcoin event in the world – with a total of more than 25,000 visitors. I am, of course, talking about bitcoin 2022 in Miami. A fantastic event with many exciting guests and speakers. Sleep is for the weak and Bitcoin Magazine is already up to the next very promising event in the wonderful city of Amsterdam. Bitcoin and lightning will be celebrated for 3 days and the speakers announced so far are already extremely interesting as well and we will see some dutch lightning enthusiasts there, too of course. Stef and Edward from Connect the World, which is a podcast focusing on the lightning network talked with the General Manager of Bitcoin Magazine Christian Keroles about the role of lightning at this upcoming event.

Bitcoin is making history in Europe

Christian Keroles has worked at bitcoin magazine since … and has held various positions. By time being he owns the role of the General Manager and ensures that the entire organization runs smoothly, including the event branch of bitcoin magazine. In the conversation with Stef and Edward, he gave quite a bit of information about what we are presented with on bitcoin Amsterdam. Let’s start with how the choice for Amsterdam came about, after which i will list a few Lightning features for you:

There were always too many comments about when bitcoin magazine would go international and organize an event outside the states. Covid has also made traveling to the USA more complicated, so we wanted to look for other options, says CK. There are also just connections between the Netherlands and bitcoin magazine, such as Aaron van Wirdum and Sjors Provose, a nice story to add:

In 2019 bitcoin magazine was organizing its first conference and was inspired by the first bitcoin conference held in san Jose in 2013; the following year, another bitcoin conference was organized… not in the states but in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. So by any means that was the first city to think about.


"one of the most epic in the world, if not the most epic in the world."

What can visitors expect during bitcoin Amsterdam?

Ibex takes care of all transactions and payment options on bitcoin Amsterdam. We know IBEX from their role in el Salvador’s adoption of bitcoin and, of course, of bitcoin 2022 in Miami, where they also took care of the entire payment infrastructure.

• Beer Tap
Lightning enabled beer tap where you can get your beer and pay with lightning (we have seen this before)

• Only bitcoin/aligning payments
Who knows maybe its only possible to pay with Bitcoin via Lightning at this conference 

• Tipping speakers with lightning
It is not worked out entirely, but it’s a promising thing; think about a QR code on a screen

• Proof of work area
An area where you can find funny projects like a stationary bike where you can cycle and get sats in return in the form of steaming sats counted in calories you burn while cycling.

• Lightning stage
There will be a lightning stage where you only find the best and most bullish things in the lightning space.

• NFC Passes
Selling prepaid bitcoin/lightning NFC cards where you can pay with lightning via NFC will be one of the more experimental ones.

Undoubtedly, there are many more lightning-related matters to report. However, we still have to wait a while for everything else to be announced. Stay tuned.

Are you planning to come but haven’t bought a ticket yet? Take a look at and get a 10% discount on all tickets available. Also, don’t forget to visit the Connect the World side event on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. More information about this side event can be found on the above website.

Tot ziens in Amsterdam.

The Munttoren (“Mint Tower”) or Munt is a tower in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It stands on the busy Muntplein square, where the Amstel river and the Singel canal meet, near the flower market and the eastern end of the Kalverstraat shopping street.

The name of the tower refers to the fact that the guard house on side of it was used to mint coins in the 17th Century. In the Rampjaar (“disastrous year”) of 1672, when both England and France declared war on the Dutch Republic and French troops occupied much of the country, silver and gold could no longer be safely transported to Dordrecht and Enkhuizen (where coins were normally minted), so the guard house of the Munttoren was temporarily used to mint coin.

"The intention is to bring this conference year after year to Europe, and who knows, maybe it will be in Amsterdam again..."

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