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BL3P - the Lightning-enabled European bitcoin exchange

BL3P is the European Lightning-enabled bitcoin exchange of Bitonic, the oldest Bitcoin company in the Netherlands.

Bitonic is a Bitcoin only-company and has been on the forefront of Dutch and European Bitcoin adoption since it’s inception in 2012. The company started out of a desire to offer an easy, fast and reliable way to buy and sell bitcoin in the Netherlands.

Since then Bitonic has grown to become a leading company in the Dutch
industry, whilst remaining close to it’s roots and ideals: integrity, speed
and reliability. We believe that Bitcoin is for everybody. Our motto: Take
Control. is Bitonic’s bitcoin exchange, aimed at a wider European audience.
The platform has been in development for several years and after a lengthy
pilot it has now opened it’s doors for the greater public. BL3P has the
ambition to become one of the most stable and responsive bitcoin exchanges
in Europe.

Our focus as a Bitcoin only-company allows us to offer a clean user
interface, as well as providing advantages with regards to security and
stability. It also enables us to focus on and embrace second layer
technologies, such as the recently implemented Lightning Network.

The implementation of the Lightning Network is a major improvement and
milestone in our mission to offer a stable and fast user experience. The
Lightning Network enables BL3P users to instantly deposit and withdraw
bitcoin at a very low cost, without making sacrifices with regards to
security or decentralisation. It reduces friction and helps lower barriers
for users to store their bitcoin securily and independently in their own

This makes Connect The World the perfect companion as we both strive to make the day to day use of Bitcoin as smooth as possible. Whether it’s exchange arbitrage, paying for your meal at the pub or DCA’ing instantly onto your own Lightning node, Connect The World delivers the tools to participate in this new but strongly growing ecosystem. An ecosystem of which we Bitonic, as forward-looking and globally orientated Dutchies, like to be part and a helping hand of.

Both Bitonic and BL3P are located in the Netherlands and are regulated by Dutch and European law, which mandates Know-Your-Customer (KYC)-requirements. After winning a court-case against the Dutch central bank, some requirements were deemed unlawful and consequently no longer apply for customers of Bitonic and BL3P.

BL3P sign-ups are open to both individuals and companies. Deposits and
withdrawals can be done via Bitcoin or SEPA-banktransfers, or via iDeal (Netherlands).

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