Bastien Teinturier | Connect the World

This week, in Episode 39, we talk to Bastien Teinturier, VP of Engineering at the French startup ACINQ (A Cinq), a Bitcoin technology company that wants to make the Lightning Network more user-friendly!

ACINQ started in 2014 and first focused on hardware Bitcoin wallets. With the release of the Lightning paper they switched fully to Lightning!
Bastien shares with us how they’ve driven most of the innovation in Lightning wallets and Lightning Service Provider features. Pushing changes to the specification and implementations allowed the 2nd generation of lightning wallets like Phoenix to emerge. Everybody at ACINQ is continuously working on all layers of the stack, from the core node software to the end-user’s wallet!

Want to know more about this amazing startup located in Paris? Or about Eclair, Phoenix Wallet and the journey Bastien took through the Lightning Network? Well, just watch or listen to the full interview or start reading below! Enjoy!

Kevin Cai | Connect the World

Lightning is a Moving Target!
This week, in Episode 33, we talk to Kevin Cai, an infrastructure and system engineer working at Kollider. He ensures that all systems at Kollider and their own Lightning Node running continue to run smoothly at all times!

Kollider is a real-time settled derivative exchange. Their trading and settlement system uses the Lightning Network to enable traders to get instant price exposure without having to pre-fund a trading account.
Among a lot of things we talk with Kevin about all the things Kollider is working on, like gamification with trading competitions, where you can win sats as a prize every month. He also shares his thoughts about running a stable Lightning Node and about the future of the Lightning Network!
Watch or listen to the full interview in this brand new show or start reading below!

Enjoy, but beware of Kollider’s addictiveness!

AZ Hodl | Connect the World

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Koji Higashi | Connect the World

This week, in Episode 24, we talk to Koji Higashi, the founder of the Japanese Lightning Network community Diamond Hands.
Koji helped build Nayuta Core, a fully non-custodial neutrino mobile wallet. He did this together with his best friend in the space, Christian Moss who is the co-founder and head of gaming R&D at ZeBeDee.
They also worked together in the creation of the Bitcoin game Lightning Crush. Players receive real time sats as a reward when making a combo in the game!
If you also love to build new things and always want to try new experiments, then watch or listen to the full interview or start reading below! But watch out, because Koji’s incredible entrepreneurial qualities are highly contagious! Enjoy!

Thomas Jestopher | Connect the World

This week, in Episode 19, we talk with Thomas Jestopher, the co-founder of Amboss Technologies. They created the Lightning Network Explorer!
It all started with the idea to create a better, more private and user-friendly Lightning Network explorer. Together with technical co-founder Anthony Potdevin (from they combine all P2P gossip information, history data and statistics from community projects on an astonishing website with an amazing looking user interface!
We talk about a lot of promising developments to reach the same goals in the future: Connect the World with Lightning! The next step is more education to help novice users and creating antifragile communication networks. We would like to see the Lightning Network become sustainable and support innovations.
Do you have a Lightning Node? And are you a developer?
All these things don’t matter! Because the Lightning Network belongs to everyone! And everyone can dig into it! So join us and watch or listen to the full interview or start reading below! Enjoy!