Ring of Fire explained

In July 2021, a large “Ring of Fire” was created with the help of 65 participating nodes and 65,000,000 sats liquidity. The project was driven by a community of developers, designers, video editors, and team leaders who all came together to make the Ring of Fire a reality. This article explains what a Ring of Fire is, its benefits, and how one can create their own.

NFC card

What if you could just pay with your lightning debit card and get rid of all this scanning!?

Pay with a tap and refill whenever needed.

Got a card from a conference and now you want to rewrite it and back it with a wallet that you host yourself ?

Here we are showing you how you can do that.

Nitesh Balusu | Connect the World

The hosts of Connect the World podcast were happy that he had some time to chat with them on Connect The World! Always online helping the Lightning community and building great stuff. Mostly on Alex Bosworth’s Balance of Satoshis and his addition to it: lndboss. And if you’re thinking of switching to a bitcoin related job? Nitesh has some advice for you too!

Jared Nusinoff | Connect the World

This week, in Episode 37, we start with revealing an amazing scoop on the website of The Daily Moon thanks to the integration with Mash!

After that we talk with Jared Nusinoff, the founder of Mash, a Bitcoin company trying to remonetize the internet and help people to earn more for quality content, experiences and tools!
Mash provides an integrated consumer wallet powered by Bitcoin and Lightning for any creator. And users always stay in control! They can set budgets, see all prices and auto-pay as they enjoy without any interruption.
Jared shares with us how he came up with the idea to start Mash and the challenge of making it as quick and simple for anyone to implement and understand. He states that every customer demands a different use case. Lightning is the solution to make this all possible!
Interested in earning more and receiving more quality content? Well, just watch or listen to the full interview or start reading below! Enjoy!

This is The Daily Moon

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