LNcapital, node management for professionals | Henrik Skogstrøm

In this episode, we have Henrik from LNCapital to talk about node management and how it can benefit your Lightning Node operation.

As a professional node operator, efficient channel and liquidity management is crucial. That’s where LNCapital’s Torq comes in. Torq is a professional tool that helps you track, analyze and automate node management for a stable and reliable Lightning node.

With Torq’s advanced time-series analytics, you can make informed decisions and allocate liquidity correctly to maximize profit potential. No more manual channel management as Torq can automate advanced workflows, adjust channel fees and rebalance while you sleep.

Torq is industrial-grade and designed for nodes with hundreds of channels. It prepares your data to load lightning-fast, and you can analyze every Satoshi instantly. If you’re serious about Lightning node operation, Torq is the tool you need.

Stay ahead and look behind with Torq. Tune in to the “Connect the World” podcast

Romain Rouphael | Connect the World

Bitcoin is the best collateral there is!

Co-founder of LN Markets Romain Rouphaël featured on Connect The World. LN Markets is a trading platform built on the Bitcoin Lightning Network which uses Bitcoin, paid and settled over the Network as collateral for derivatives trading.
Romain has a history in legacy financial markets but when he did his first bitcoin transaction (sending back money to France) in Hong Kong somewhere around 2012 he immediately saw that this was the future he wanted to build on. Both his brothers still work at traditional financial institutions which leads to nice discussions during family dinners. Check out the aftertalk Stef & Edward had below!

Lisa Neigut | Connect the World

Connect The World invites Lisa Neigut a.k.a Nifty to the show. Nifty is one of the lighting stars at blockstream where she focuses on the Core Lightning protocol. Besides her work at blockstream she organizes bitcoin protocol classes and writes blog posts at the infamous basic bitch software webpage. Of course we asked her if bitcoin (and the lightning network) is also basic bitch software…. Curious about the answer? Check out the episode!

Dmitry Laptev | Connect the World

Stef & Ed sat down with the man behind LN2ME but maybe more surprisingly: the man behind the Augustus Baggins meme (isn’t he?).
Dmitry runs the infamous LN2ME node and provides a great service for node operators to get dual funded channels. There’s some trust involved with this service but you can verify his reputation on all major platforms, and: we have his face on camera right now! All jokes aside, Dmitry is a real visionary and when we asked him what he would like to see developed on the LN he said:

‘The idea I am pushing recently is that we need to think more about reducing friction for the real-world transactions from mobile wallets to merchants. Unfortunately maximizing routing profits often contradicts this use case. I would like to see “liquidity as a service” nodes that would automatically manage liquidity for the actual users in a trustless way.’.

Desiree Dickerson | Connect the World

Desiree has the best job in the world: building THNDR, a company that integrates lightning into (mobile) gaming. The company is hyperfocused on mobile gaming because they believe the future of gaming is mobile. Mobile is rapidly growing and makes up more than the gaming market than PC and console gaming combined. The more accessible price point of mobile games allows it to reach a wider audience who typically don’t have access to PC or console gaming.

CTW: ‘Where do you think THNDR is four years from now?’
Desiree: ’I think we are one of the biggest mobile gaming development companies of the world, outperforming King and the other big shots from today.’

Jose Lemus | Connect the World

An ibex is any of several species of wild goat, distinguished by the male’s large recurved horns, which are transversely ridged in front. This wonderful animal is always searching for new heights. Did you choose this name for your company because bitcoin is searching for new heights too? YES!

Nitesh Balusu | Connect the World

The hosts of Connect the World podcast were happy that he had some time to chat with them on Connect The World! Always online helping the Lightning community and building great stuff. Mostly on Alex Bosworth’s Balance of Satoshis and his addition to it: lndboss. And if you’re thinking of switching to a bitcoin related job? Nitesh has some advice for you too!

Bastien Teinturier | Connect the World

This week, in Episode 39, we talk to Bastien Teinturier, VP of Engineering at the French startup ACINQ (A Cinq), a Bitcoin technology company that wants to make the Lightning Network more user-friendly!

ACINQ started in 2014 and first focused on hardware Bitcoin wallets. With the release of the Lightning paper they switched fully to Lightning!
Bastien shares with us how they’ve driven most of the innovation in Lightning wallets and Lightning Service Provider features. Pushing changes to the specification and implementations allowed the 2nd generation of lightning wallets like Phoenix to emerge. Everybody at ACINQ is continuously working on all layers of the stack, from the core node software to the end-user’s wallet!

Want to know more about this amazing startup located in Paris? Or about Eclair, Phoenix Wallet and the journey Bastien took through the Lightning Network? Well, just watch or listen to the full interview or start reading below! Enjoy!

Jared Nusinoff | Connect the World

This week, in Episode 37, we start with revealing an amazing scoop on the website of The Daily Moon thanks to the integration with Mash!

After that we talk with Jared Nusinoff, the founder of Mash, a Bitcoin company trying to remonetize the internet and help people to earn more for quality content, experiences and tools!
Mash provides an integrated consumer wallet powered by Bitcoin and Lightning for any creator. And users always stay in control! They can set budgets, see all prices and auto-pay as they enjoy without any interruption.
Jared shares with us how he came up with the idea to start Mash and the challenge of making it as quick and simple for anyone to implement and understand. He states that every customer demands a different use case. Lightning is the solution to make this all possible!
Interested in earning more and receiving more quality content? Well, just watch or listen to the full interview or start reading below! Enjoy!

Patrick Melder | Connect the World

Renewable energy and sound money!
This week, in Episode 32, we talk to Patrick Melder, the founder of Bitcoin Lago in Guatemala where he’s creating a circulair Bitcoin community!
With Lake Bitcoin, Patrick believes that people will eventually start using Bitcoin and Lightning if we just show how it works and what benefits it can bring to the whole area around the lake.
We talk about his project to use organic waste to create methane and energy for Bitcoin mining. He also shares the impact Alex Gladstein had on him and his thoughts about the positive social consequences Bitcoin can have on certain regions in the world.
So get your tickets ready for Guatemala, because this you want to experience with your own eyes!