LNcapital, node management for professionals | Henrik Skogstrøm

In this episode, we have Henrik from LNCapital to talk about node management and how it can benefit your Lightning Node operation.

As a professional node operator, efficient channel and liquidity management is crucial. That’s where LNCapital’s Torq comes in. Torq is a professional tool that helps you track, analyze and automate node management for a stable and reliable Lightning node.

With Torq’s advanced time-series analytics, you can make informed decisions and allocate liquidity correctly to maximize profit potential. No more manual channel management as Torq can automate advanced workflows, adjust channel fees and rebalance while you sleep.

Torq is industrial-grade and designed for nodes with hundreds of channels. It prepares your data to load lightning-fast, and you can analyze every Satoshi instantly. If you’re serious about Lightning node operation, Torq is the tool you need.

Stay ahead and look behind with Torq. Tune in to the “Connect the World” podcast

The start of the new season

We have already aired 5 episodes of our new season of Connect the World. Since the first episode featuring Ross Savage from Satimoto, we have covered a variety of subjects related to the Lightning Network. During our conversation with Ross, we discussed how to charge your car with electricity and pay for it in Bitcoin over the Lightning Network. This development is particularly useful when traveling across borders as it avoids the need to pay exchange rates on traditional fiat currency. Additionally, it helps fight the “Bitcoin is bad for the environment” narrative. This episode is a must-watch, thanks to Ross himself.

The Lightning Network: A Path to Improved Financial Inclusion in Africa

The Lightning Network is a second-layer payment protocol built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain. Its purpose is to enable fast, low-cost, and scalable transactions for users. The Lightning Network operates as a decentralized network of payment channels between users, allowing them to transact directly with each other without having to go through the slow and expensive process of confirming each transaction on the blockchain.


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Dmitry Laptev | Connect the World

Stef & Ed sat down with the man behind LN2ME but maybe more surprisingly: the man behind the Augustus Baggins meme (isn’t he?).
Dmitry runs the infamous LN2ME node and provides a great service for node operators to get dual funded channels. There’s some trust involved with this service but you can verify his reputation on all major platforms, and: we have his face on camera right now! All jokes aside, Dmitry is a real visionary and when we asked him what he would like to see developed on the LN he said:

‘The idea I am pushing recently is that we need to think more about reducing friction for the real-world transactions from mobile wallets to merchants. Unfortunately maximizing routing profits often contradicts this use case. I would like to see “liquidity as a service” nodes that would automatically manage liquidity for the actual users in a trustless way.’.

Jose Lemus | Connect the World

An ibex is any of several species of wild goat, distinguished by the male’s large recurved horns, which are transversely ridged in front. This wonderful animal is always searching for new heights. Did you choose this name for your company because bitcoin is searching for new heights too? YES!

Machankura | The Magic of the LN

Earlier this year, a unique custodial Bitcoin service allowing the storage, sending and receiving of bitcoin satoshis via the LN emerged.
And you do not need an internet connection.

BL3P | The European Lightning-enabled bitcoin exchange

BL3P is the European Lightning-enabled bitcoin exchange of Bitonic, the oldest Bitcoin company in the Netherlands.

Bitonic is a Bitcoin only-company and has been on the forefront of Dutch
and European Bitcoin adoption since it’s inception in 2012. The company
started out of a desire to offer an easy, fast and reliable way to buy and
sell bitcoin in the Netherlands.

Lightning network at bitcoin Amsterdam

It was the most significant bitcoin event in the world, with more than 25,000 visitors. I am, of course, talking about bitcoin 2022 in Miami, a fantastic event with many exciting speakers. However, now there is a new big event, not in Miami but in Amsterdam.

Aryan Jabbari | Connect the World

This week, in Episode 35, we talk to Aryan Jabbari, technical co-founder of Scarce City, an online marketplace for Bitcoin goods and Bitcoin NFT’s.
Aryan started Scarce City together with Chris Tramount. They had help from honorary founder Chiefmonkey. He seeded the artist community and had the original idea for bitcoin-based auctions. They believe that everything needs to be sold pseudonymous, borderless, permissionless, trust minimized, and verifiable authenticity and supply.
He shares with us how they implemented Lightning and talks more about his view on Lightning developments.
Do you know what Pepes are? Well, just watch or listen to the full interview or start reading below! Enjoy!